Spare parts and universal products for repair and maintenance of combine harvesters.

Spare parts for popular models of removable combine corn heads .

Spare parts for popular models of round and square balers for hay and forage.

Spare parts and components for diesel engines of tractors and combine harvesters.

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    12B-3 Triplex roller chain offset link. Pitch -  19.05 mm.

    • Base price: 41,58 грн.
    • Discount: -15%
    • Net product price: 35,34 грн.
    • TAX (VAT20%): 7,07 грн.
    • Gross product price: 42,41 грн.
    • Retail price: 49,90 грн.
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    Feeder house roller chain for combine harvesters John Deere (1166, 1166HY/4, 1174, 1174HY/4, 1177, 1177HY/4, 4425, 4435, 4435 Hydro). Pitch - 41.4MM, number of links - 80. OEM #AZ34239

    • Base price: 1 709,07 грн.
    • Discount: -15%
    • Net product price: 1 452,71 грн.
    • TAX (VAT20%): 290,54 грн.
    • Gross product price: 1 743,25 грн.
    • Retail price: 2 050,88 грн.
    • You save: 307,63 грн.
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    John Deere

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    • Base price: 3 155,79 грн.
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    • Net product price: 2 682,42 грн.
    • TAX (VAT20%): 536,49 грн.
    • Gross product price: 3 218,91 грн.
    • Retail price: 3 786,95 грн.
    • You save: 568,04 грн.
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    Chain of drive for corn header combine harvester Claas Commandor, Dominator, Mega. The number of links - 72. Pitch - 19.05 MM. OEM # 00 0692 166 0.

    • Base price: 499,95 грн.
    • Discount: -15%
    • Net product price: 424,96 грн.
    • TAX (VAT20%): 84,99 грн.
    • Gross product price: 509,95 грн.
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    126 Links roller chain for harvest combines John Deere (models: 965, 968H, 1065, 1068H, 1072, 1075HY4, 1085HY4, 1066HY4, 1169HY4, 1074HY4, 1077HY4, 1188HY4 4425, 4435). Pitch - 15.875MM. Aftermarket spare part #AZ32301

    • Base price: 464,64 грн.
    • Discount: -15%
    • Net product price: 394,94 грн.
    • TAX (VAT20%): 78,99 грн.
    • Gross product price: 473,93 грн.
    • Retail price: 557,57 грн.
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    John Deere

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