Engine PERKINS T6.354.4 TU

Diesel Engine PERKINS T6.354.4 TU

The PERKINS T6.354.4 is a diesel engine manufactured by Perkins Engine Company Limited. The distination T6.354.4 indicated six cylinders and 354 cubic inche (5.8 L) capacity.  The letter T says that the engine has turbo injection system.

Tthe "4" on the end of the nomenclature, indicates a DOT 4 (later, improved) series engine. Family name of the engine T6.354.4 is the TU and is part of series of engines PERKINS 6.354

It's a range used on all applications industrial , agricultural, vehicles and marine as well.

Technical features of Perkins 6.354.4 TU engine:

Type code TU
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 98.4 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Cubic capacity 5.8 dm3
Combustion system Direct injection
Compression ratio 16:1
Rotation Counter clockwise viewed from the front
Size 936 x 789 x 743 mm - (445 kg)
Power 108 kW at 2600 r/min