Combine harvester MASSEY FERGUSON MH-21

Combine harvester MASSEY FERGUSON  MH-21

The first harvest combine Massey-Harris 20, was manufactured in 1937. It was developed for Argentina market. The Massey-Harris 21 combine which is introduced in production in 1941 was developed for the American market and was world-wide recognized, as the first commercially successful project.  The Massey-Harris 21 combine was made of stainless steel and not painted, however shortage of metal forced the producer to apply usual steel.

By combines of this model six-cylinder petrol engines which took place over a forward axis were installed. For providing to the operator of comfortable working conditions, the steering column was regulated in the vertical and horizontal planes and on height. On the combine the harvester platform 288см was established by capture width.
In 1943 the Massey-Harris 21A model which was equipped with the tape conveyor instead of the screw is in parallel entered.
Model MH-21
Years 1941-1949
Engine Chrysler
Displacement, cm3 3568
Cylinders 6
Power, HP 53
Transmision mecanical
Gears 4
Speed min-max, km/h 1,6-11,25
Cutting width, cm 360