Combine harvester MH / MF 890 - 892

Combine harvester MASSEY FERGUSON MH / MF 890, MASSEY FERGUSON MH / MF 892
The Massey-Harris 890 combine on the specifications was close to the MN-780 predecessor . Threshing drum width was 94cm. Straw walker was wider but it had  three keys instead of four. The number of gears also was less, respectively the speed of the movement was lower. On these models the six-cylinder petrol engine of the Chrysler brand with a power of 66 hp was installed.
In 1958 combines of the MN-890 model were replaced with MN-892 model combines. Introduction of transmission with three gears that gave the chance to increase working speed was the most important innovation of this model. The six-cylinder Perkins engine with a power of 64 h.p. set the combine in motion. These models were serially equipped with bunkers for seeds.
Also advantage of this model is possibility of adjustment of a seat of the operator for more comfortable work.
Model MH/MF 890 MF 892
Years 1953-1958 1958-1964
Engine manufacturer Chrysler Perkins
Engine type    
Displacement, сm3 3923 4730
Cylinders 6 6
Power hp 66 64
Fuel tank, L 91 150
Transmission mechanical  mechanical
Gears 2 3
Speed min-max. km/h    1,5-11,5 1,35-19
Cutting width, m 290 265
Numbersof straw walkers 3 3