CATERPILLAR (add name CAT) –trancenational USA corp., Peori city, Illinois state, is the manufacturer, saler and service provider of heavy mashinery(tractors, excavators, hoppers, road mashinery and ...) energetical systems, engines and spare parts for them. The company shares have been successfully represented in NYSE (listing CAT) and are on 138th place in GLOBAL-2000 rating by FORBES magazine.

CATERPILLAR was founded on 15 April 1925 by merger of "Holt Manufacturing Company" and "C. L. Best Tractor Co." The established company name is Caterpillar Tractor Co.

In 1986 the company was renamed to Caterpillar Inc. which represents more relatively the growing variety of products line.

In 1998 Caterpillar Inc. bought famose engine manufacturer Perkins Engines (Great Britain), the year before they have bought german company MaK Motoren as well. In 2010 it became the world leader in producing diesel engines with buying german MWM GmbH (Motorenwerke Mannheim-engine factory in Mannheim) company DEUTZ AG .

According to company’s report in 2006 93233 people had worked for the Caterpillar Inc all around the world: USA, Australia, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, China, Іtaly, Іndia, Russia, South Africa, Canada and Poland.

The Caterpillar diesel engines are in wide usage not only by the company itself but also other manufacturers of heavy technic such as CLAAS.

Caterpillar engines are known around the world for their durability, performance, and operating economy. They are used in agriculture mashines applications too. Cat® engines have set new standards for decades. Today’s line-up of Caterpillar engines offers some of the most advanced engineering features available for diesel power applications. These include electronic engine controls, the HEUI™ (Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injector) fuel systems, MEUI (Mechanical Electronic Unit Injector), and exclusive technologies that dramatically reduce engine emissions.

In 1992, Caterpillar’s Mossville Engine Center received ISO certification. Today, 23 Caterpillar departments or facilities have been ISO 9001 certified