Happy Day of the Defender of Ukraine, Ukrainian cssacks and The Protection of the Mother of God!

Happy Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

October 14th is the day that brought together some holidays of Ukrainian nation that are inextricably linked - The Day of the Defender of Ukraine, Ukrainian Cossacks and The Protection of the Mother of God. Host and Cossacks - victorious history and the great pride of our nation, the soul of Ukraine, its charm and hope.

History of Ukrainian Cossacks is one of the most important pages of the country. In the days of foreign enslavement Cossacks stood in defense of their native Ukraine, defenders of faith and morals. From Cossacks family came the known world figures of national revival and liberation movement. To this day, the descendants of the Cossacks - our defenders, develop the best traditions of their ancestors, which is a model of valor and devotion to Ukraine. Still protecting their Mother from attacks by those who occasionally tries to threaten state principles - a holy cause. It requires courage and honor, great sacrifice and commitment, which is not possible without the support of the Blessed Virgin.

The Godmother has always been the patron and guardian of the Cossacks, warriors, Ukrainian people. With faith and hope we pray for sovereignty of Ukrainian state, relying on her maternal intercession and care.

Today we turn for help to the Mother of God, pleading for peace, goodness and social harmony on Ukrainian land, for worthy and happy future. "Cover us with your honest canopy and save us from all evil" - as Cossacks said. To people descend grace and fill their souls with love, sincerity and forgiveness.

And for our defenders - we wish you strength and courage always maintain with love of your family and friends. After any disputes and battles, that often occur in everyday life, - comfort and peace always await you at home

Congratulations to you! Glory to Ukraine!