Marry Christmas!

Marry Christmas!

Colleagues, friends, clients, wholeheartedly greet you with this huge holiday! Christmas is the birth of hope for the best, for the fulfillment of the most cherished dreams. Let this year's Christmas be the start of a new happy road in your new year!

We wish that on Christmas Eve, when the first star appear in the sky, your families gathered together at the rich Ukrainian holiday table.

At this time let's remember and pray for those who are not with us. For brave Ukrainian sons and daughters who gave their lives in the struggle for Ukraine. And for those brave heroes who will light the Christmas candle on the front ...

Let your homes be filled with carols, and with it the joy and goodness will settle, peace will fill the soul, and the Bethlehem star enlightens the path of faith, hope, peace and love in your life.


Pay attention on our holiday schedule!

January, 7th (Monday) - day off

January, 8th (Tuesday) - day off


* All orders made on the website will be processed the next business day after the day off.