Lanz MD 260 S

Combine harvester Lanz MD260S

The development of the first Lanz combine harvester started in the 30-ies and the breakout of the war postponed the completion of the machine project until 1953, when the first MD 180 combine was put into production. In the same year the project of the Lanz MD 260 S model was introduced and its production followed in 1954.

The width of the threshing drum was 140 cm and its diameter was 50 cm. The threshing drum had a six-step speed regulation. These machines were equipped with a six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz diesel engine and or Opel Kapitan petrol engine, whose capacity was 68 hp.  The engine was placed on the side of the driver's platform. The standard equipment included baler.

Combine model Lanz MD 260 S
Years of production 1954-1957
Engine manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Combine engine model OM312
Engine diplasment, сm3 4580
Number of cylinders 6
Power,  HP 68
Transmission gears 2
Speed min-max., km/h 1,8-15,5
Cutting width, cm 260
Alternative сuttingwidth, cm   300-420